Nationally Managed Business



US Foods® centralized National Account systems and management structure provides healthcare, hospitality entities, educational institutions, retail and emerging concepts with tools and resources allowing you to maximize contract coverage and utilization while controlling labor costs. You’ll get consistent execution and service locally and chain-wide, along with a strong centralized point of contact, national coverage and advanced technologies.  It’s all designed to enable flexibility as you grow

Aligning with our exclusive and manufacturer brands allows for collaborative sourcing, which maximizes cost savings by increasing distribution efficiencies. Our merchandising team can support your product requirements by developing an Exclusive Brand Incentive Program that makes sense for your business and provides purchasing discounts. 



With a national networks of chefs, we perform quality analysis and product performance testing. We also provide industry expertise, menu consulting and more.  Scoop™, our product innovation launch introduces new, on-trend products throughout the year. Along with our Exclusive Brands, you get access to first-to-market products designed to reduce costs and labor in your kitchen. 

BluePrint Menu Management System®

Our menu-and-resident-management tool is designed to help you plan a delicious, resident-driven menu while monitoring cost, optimizing production and improving consistency throughout your foodservice operation.  

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We know that a seamless online experience is essential to the fast-paced business you run.  We provide industry-leading technology that’s serves as one integrated solution. 

Centralized Order Guide Management that gives you instant, direct control of facility order guides from a single screen.  Contract order flags and smart order entry ensures users order the right products. 

With simplified online ordering, you can use our world-class catalog search to find the products you need. View real-time pricing, detailed product content and compare products side by side. This along with customizable shelf to sheet shopping, inventory lists and the ability to download nutritionals and allergens – means you’ll get everything you need to make the best decisions for your business.

Our Business Analytics deliver powerful, on-time, personalized data to build reports that help you build profits.

Menu Profit Pro™ is an exclusive US Foods® program that helps you maximize your menu by determining cost, calculating profitability and providing nutritional information for every item.


US Foods® Mobile

Access your business from wherever you are. Automatically integrate with to sync all of your operations to your mobile device. Search products, check, edit and create new orders – all on the go.  Plus, track deliveries in a single, streamlined interface with our tracking tool, Where’s My Truck

You can also search and review your invoices and convert them to PDF or excel files for easy sharing all from your mobile device.